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Packed with backpacks and a buggy for Tokyo we arrived in Brunei (Photo B 1: Backpackers in Brunei).

In the hostel we had to sleep in different buildings. When you are travelling on a low budget, the moslem tradition determines your way of life.

With a speedboat from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu and immmediatly we needed a rest on sapi island. The different climate, the backpacking with Tokyo and millions of fingers, trying to pinch our princess in her cheeks, stressed us (Photo B 2: No fuck'n Style). On the island only the monkeys attacked us and we went on to the orang utan centre in Sepilok.

Sandakan (Photo B 3: evicated Philipino-Camp) was our easterly point and on our way back to Brunei we stayed 3 days in the basic rainforestcamp from Oncle Tan, where we had our best activities in this time.